I’m feeling irritable today, but I still think I’m getting better. I just don’t know how to manage my husband’s choice of self expression for when he is stressed. It’s very hard to be around him when he gets stressed. I can feel the toxic energy pour off of him. My entire body gets super tense, especially in my chest. I clench my teeth and my hands clench into fists.

Took these pics while Rick was in the bank. Guess I wanted to see what the misery I felt on my face looked like.



I remember thinking to myself

“Yup. I  DO look as pathetic as I feel.”




Rick was experiencing a lot of stress and this is how I was responding.

Later on in the evening he asked me how I was. Said I had an uneasy feeling.

“I thought you said you were feeling better?”

“I think I am. I don’t know why I feel this way. I think I’m feeding off of your energy.”

I wasn’t going to say anything to him about that but it kinda just slipped out. His body language implied his irritation in response to my comment as he let that cheese he was slicing have it. He basically agreed but with a frustrated tone to his voice.


About twenty minutes later he came up to me while I was washing dishes and,  in a sweet embrace, softly said to me,

“I’m sorry I upset you earlier.”

Awe! He thought about what I said!?! He has NEVER apologized to me before. At least not on his own without any prompting!

         OH MY GOD!!!! He thought about what I said!!!

That made me feel good.

Yes gentlemen, sometimes that’s all it takes.

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