It’s May 2nd.

I was supposed to be in the best shape of my life by now. I was all gung-ho about getting into shape at the beginning of this year. I was gonna commit to working out every day using my dusty discs of P90-X! (bought them about 3 years ago)

I lasted 3 days. (Big Sigh)

So instead I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. Twenty five pounds overweight to be exact.

This depression has ruled me long enough! After relenting to the addition of a second medication I am finding that life is starting to regain it’s many colors. But now I seem to be questioning myself about whether or not these new feelings are from the actual pill? or is it just a placebo effect? Does it matter? To me it does! If it’s a placebo effect then that means I truly am a head case!!

*UPDATE* (May 5)

It’s not just in my head. Just needed some extra serotonin! I’m feeling better each and every day. I also started taking probiotics about a week or so ago and I’m definitely less bloated. Didn’t have to struggle as much gettin’ me pants on!

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