I don’t know who she was. I had never seen her before, but she instantly caught my attention. I meeeeeean, it’s not everyday you see a person using the drive-thru ATM without a car. It’s understandable mind you, just not usual.  My initial reaction was to just wait………at a safe distance of course. That’s right people, maybe I am a bit paranoid but you REALLY cannot trust anyone these days. Who knows what evil lurks behind the frame of a tiny, fragile looking, inebriated woman? Oh yes……she was CLEARLY under the influence of something. My guess is alcohol because of the swaying; back and forth she goes as if a soft breeze were gently rocking her. Methodically she took aim at those pesky little ATM buttons with her super-straight and extended index finger.  I don’t know what the problem was, just knew there was one.

A problem with the machine?


Maybe she can’t remember her pin?

Who knows.

All I know is that she’s been there WAY too long. At one point, early on in the game, she did start to walk away only to turn right back around……….she’s no quitter! You go girl!

Anywho, I don’t know how long I sat there in my blazer, engine idling, pondering my next move. It was beginning to occur to me that she may NEVER leave. Should I ask her if she needs help? I don’t know though….what if she’s nuts? Maybe if I slowly drive around the bank she’ll be gone by the time I come back around…….

So I decided to drive around one time.  When I came around the corner to see her still standing there I drove right by and parked the truck. I watched her a little while longer in my mirrors, still not sure about how to handle the situation. There weren’t any other ATM’s around. As I was considering going inside the bank to use a teller I saw another vehicle pull up to use the ATM. I decided right then and there that the safest and best option was to tell a bank employee about the potential car pile-up outside. I didn’t mention her demeanor. I just said she didn’t seem “well” and seemed to be having some trouble with the ATM.

As I stepped back out into the drizzle and walked alongside the red-bricked building towards the drive-thru I worried about looking stupid if the “not well” woman wasn’t there. Just as I rounded the corner an older man with balding white hair and a mustache to match was getting out of his shitbox to ask the damsel if she needed any help. I told him help was on the way and he said he’d go across the street instead and then proceeded to gesture the international sign for “had one too many” with his invisible glass. He must have been a detective. Or a mime.

Well, the lady in the bank FINALLY came outside just as this poor woman decided to give up on her mission for instant cash. As she started to walk away I felt the impulse to ask, “Did you get what you needed”? (I couldn’t bear to watch her walk away in that condition). She stopped, looked at me and said it’s not working. “Do you need money?” I asked. “Twenty bucks” she said. That’s when “bank lady” stepped in and very sweetly offered to bring her inside and figure out the problem. The woman accepted the invitation and proceeded to walk towards the bank only to stop suddenly. Eyes shut tight, lips pursed…she was about to cry but only for a second. I could see the pain and frustration on this woman’s face and my heart went out to her. All I knew was that she was not happy in life and I was sad for her. I lightly placed my hand on her back as she continued to walk and I could feel how thin and fragile she really was. I told her it would get better and hoped that it was true. Then we all parted ways.

If this had happened a month or two ago I wouldn’t have done anything. I would have completely avoided contact or confrontation with any and all people. My outlook on life has changed so much and for the better!! And I was leery about getting on more medication for depression………….. but I’m so glad I did……for now.

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