It’s an idea that came to me while I was in the shower.

I get a lot of ideas in the shower…………….

                    A N Y W A Y,

while sudzing up     (I don’t care if it’s not a word)     in our luxurious, standing-room only shower stall, I was contemplating my life as I often do when a conversation got to brewing in my head.

I thought to myself………

“There’s gotta be a way to improve my life regardless of whether or not I have money. There are so many things I want to learn and experience before this life of mine is over, but I just don’t have the money to take those dance lessons or go to that Community College or get that psychotherapy.



                     to be

                               a way to get to where I need to be without, first, winning the lottery or as my father likes to call it….

                           “The devil’s game.”

Besides, I  am   so   sick   of   using    the      same      old       tired       excuse…………

You know, the excuse to not EVEN TRY because I don’t have any money.


Mindy, stop your hiding.

But how do I get around an obstacle of such


proportions?                 (yeah?…well, it’s a word now!)

How do I overcome something that has been the theme of my life?  I mean, WHAT!?!

                     Am I supposed to just forget about any talents I may have because of


                                                                                    That’s not fair!

Nope, I’m convinced there is a way to achieve my goals REGARDLESS of my circumstances.

Otherwise, why the hell would I have been given ANY talents if there was absolutely no way in which I could explore, develop and share them?

I feel as though much of my time was wasted because of fear and now that I’m finally learning how to conquer fear I don’t want to waste the rest of my time by waiting until I have the money!

                    ………….If I do that I might as well just lay down right here.

Life is too short to waste any more of it waiting for things to fall into my lap. I gotta WORK to get where I want to be and now I’m FINALLY ready AND willing AND wanting……… ”


“What if I could somehow trade my painting for the things I feel would better my life?”

I hear bartering was real big back in the day…………actually, that’s how we got a roof over our garage and regular chiropractic care for myself. I was so grateful when they agreed to barter with me! I can’t imagine what kind of miserable shape I would be in if it weren’t for all the chiropractic adjustments I’ve been able to receive over the last year and a half!

  • No more regular headaches or MOTHER migraines……
  • No more pain in my hips and lower back if I’m standing OR sitting too long….(driving could be such a bitch)
  • Don’t get colds anymore and allergies are hardly noticeable this season.
  • No more pain when I turn my head from side to side! When driving, I used to have to turn my entire body to the side in order to see if any cars were coming. (like I said, driving was a bitch)
  • And asthma seems to have quieted down, as well.

I’m not crooked anymore and I can walk without a gimp in my step!

So clearly,

        this is one prime example of how bartering bettered my life……….


                               that’s where

               Bartering for a Better Life

                                                       comes into play…….

Now I just have to figure out how to propose this economically savvy plan to the world…..or at least to local businesses.


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