“I know you already have a dad, but please just call him Father when he gets home.” translation – I CAN’T PROTECT YOU.

“Just follow your heart.” translation –  I DON’T KNOW.

“It’s my time now.” translation – YOU ARE A BURDEN.

“I don’t want to say no Mindy , but I’m gonna have to say no….Joe and I made an agreement.” translation – I MADE MY CHOICE AND YOU’RE NOT IT.   (22 and homeless without a place to sleep on Christmas Eve…..no big deal)

“We don’t ever want to be apart until the day he dies.” translation – I DON’T CARE TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU UNTIL JOE IS DEAD.

No time for daughter…relationship breaks down…..wall slowly grows taller with time……..

Mother is too busy….gotta go……gotta check with Joe……daughter’s tears of longing irritate mother… daughter goes through life feeling worthless, rejected, broken, fearful and desperately sad……daughter does not know how to live and function properly in real world, she’s handicapped.

“Joe died. Now we can spend time together.” translation – NOW THAT HE’S GONE I’M DONE SHUTTING YOU OUT.

Largely due to mother’s decisions and actions daughter’s life starts down wrong path…..

Daughter loses virginity exactly one month before her 20th birthday. She tried to put him off but to no avail; security of mother’s presence had been removed. Daughter died that day and took on new identity that night.

Desperately sad and broken daughter breaks down at future sister-in-laws bridal shower. Mother walks daughter out to lovely, little white gazebo and daughter tells mother all the sad details……

“Do you think you could be pregnant?” (mother’s first response) translation – I CAN’T SEE YOUR TRUE PAIN.

After a couple failed attempts at breaking up, mostly due to lack of experience and fear, daughter finally gets strength to break free from her asshole of a first boyfriend.

Thank God I don’t have to stay that way.


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