I want to be…………….

  • able to keep my house clean and orderly everyday,

  • able to go grocery shopping anytime I need to go,

  • able to find someone who can cut my hair to match my newfound identity,

  • financially independent,

  • debt free,

  • in a healthy, happy marriage or none at all,

  • creating in my own art studio and not in the dirty, cluttered, freezing garage of which I am accustomed,

  • in the best shape of my life by February 22, 2013,

  • satisfied with every aspect of my being,

  • loved,

  • completely free of unnecessary fear,

  • funny because I love to make people laugh,

  • smarter everyday,

  • free of all antidepressants,

  • certain about what is right and wrong,

  • tattooed by Jeff Gogue,

  • asthma and eczema free,

  • at peace with where I’m at,

  • heard,

  • ready to face my truth,

  • stoned cuz itz starting to wear off………………..


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