Back in early September of 2011 I could have sworn I’d been hearing a kitten crying outside… I just wasn’t sure. But then, when I was actually outside, I heard it again coming from my neighbor’s driveway. Immediately my heart started to pound because a baby-kitty was in distress! There I was, standing in the middle of “Cat Lady’s” driveway… frozen and slightly crouched in a cautionary position with my hands outstretched as if to further increase my mighty ‘baby-kitty-rescue-senses’. Ooh! There it was again! The panicky desperation in this cry was SO LOUD it made my desperation to find him all the stronger. My keen, cat rescuing senses lead me to an old pallet leaning up against a fence. When I pulled back some wooden planks THERE HE WAS! A little ball of fuzz amidst the dried leaves and twigs.



One particular twig had him pinned upright by the neck with his back against the wall so he couldn’t move.


But he got away as soon as I loosened the twig.


I watched my tiny escapee scurry up the driveway and under the old lady’s house. BIG SIGH.


The next day, when Rick told me he could hear the baby-beacon again, I instantly rushed out of the house despite my morning hair and attire. Didn’t care. I had a job to do… I must save this baby!! I will not stop! He is destined to be the newest addition to my collection, I mean family. Once again I found myself back in Cat Lady’s driveway straining to hear. Deeper into Cat Lady Land I went, sneaking around the side of her house as I tried not to gag from the overwhelming stench of cat pee. Through and under and around bushes and branches and past another neighbor’s shed I went with the occasional pause to listen….it’s getting louder! There I be (sometimes I’m a pirate)……peerin’ ’round another neighbor’s fence and what do you think I saw!?! Yup! That’s right. A teeny weeny fuzzy wuzzy wittle ball of baby-kitty in the middle of a walkway that leads to someone’s back door. All four of his wittle wegs were tucked underneath his body and he was just crying out over and over again in hopes that his mommy would come back to him.  HEART.  STOPS.


I wasn’t sure how to approach this. He was right out in the open so I couldn’t sneak up on him. With a deep breath and probably a quick prayer for back-up, I stepped out to where he could see me. S L O W L Y  I walked toward him but, sure enough, he bolted. He ran into a space between a shed and a fence. It was now or never. With no time to lose I grabbed him before he disappeared into a pile of yard stuff. He then proceeded to hiss like a cobra and bite both my hands. Ouch! Sharp teeth for such a tiny specimen. Broke the skin.


He clamped down on my thumb pretty damn hard but I didn’t flinch. I knew I couldn’t drop him so I quickly drew him close to me and pulled the bottom of my t-shirt up and over him so he couldn’t see. Worked like a charm too, cuz he immediately released his Jaws of Life death-chomp and didn’t make a sound. I could feel all tension in his body ease. Couldn’t believe how quickly he relaxed!

I speed-walked back to my house using the sidewalk this time. I rushed up the stairs and into my bedroom and sat on the side of my bed. Time to reveal my prize! When I pulled back my shirt he simply looked up at me with giant, vulnerable eyes and made one soft little meow at me.


5 weeks old and smaller than my flip flop!

5 weeks old and smaller than my flip flop!

He had a couple little boo-boos on his chin and mouth area, but other than that he was just fine……AND HUNGRY!!!!

Together at last.

Together at last.

I was also able to rescue his  brother, Perry, as well. But that took a few days and required the help of reinforcements………

But THAT is another story!!!!



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