I think it was the beginning of June when, without any hesitation, I volunteered to shave my head. I knew how important her hair was to her. Her  long brown hair hung all the way down her back and stopped just at her butt. She hadn’t cut it in over twenty years. Just the mere thought of a haircut would cause her to shudder! Sure, it may have had some split ends here and there, but it didn’t matter. She treasured every inch.

I was about to get in the car when she came running down the driveway. She wanted to show me her new haircut. That’s when I knew for sure that she was going ahead with the chemo (I wasn’t about to tell her I was on my way to a wake because of another battle lost to cancer). Her hair was very short; above her ears short. I must say she wore this new ‘do’ quite well. It even made her look younger! She had an enormous smile on her face and a glow about her that I can still see if I close my eyes. I reassured her of how great I thought it looked and I meant it. It really did look fabulous, but I heard later that she hadn’t grown to love it and wasn’t feeling so great. I told her to let me know when she was ready to shave her head and I would do it with her. She kept telling me, “not yet….still got some hair left.”

………………I saw her today. She took off her sexy do-rag to show me the latest…….she still has some hair on top of her head and it is very thin. But at least she still has a bit of hair that can be used as bang and it can peek out from under her cap.  I told her I love it! I think it looks punk-rock! I asked her if she thought it would all fall out. “Dunno” she replied, “I still have to go to treatments sooooo”…… She said her head is very tender and wasn’t sure if she’d be able to take a razor or clippers to it.

After our chat I caught myself wondering if I wouldn’t have to shave my head after all?…..That thought didn’t sit right with me. I then wondered if I should just do it myself….. on my own. I understand her wanting to hold off as long as possible on the whole “shaving of the head thing” but, meanwhile, my hair is getting longer by the second and starting to look pretty damn good! First words out of her mouth when she saw me was to compliment me on my hair! Huh?! Didn’t feel right saying thank you.

I ended up going online and within seconds came across this title…… ‘Nobody Shaved Their Head for Me’….. it was an article from The Huffington Post written by Erika Lade.  I felt like I was receiving confirmation for what I had been planning to do.

She doesn’t WANT to lose her hair. Neither do I! So why should I let her go through that alone? I may not be able to relate to her as far as the whole “cancer experience thing” goes….. BUT, I can shave my head and experience the discomfort of feeling over-exposed in public! I can willingly step out of my own comfort zone for my friend. What can come from this but only good? Yeah! Bring it on!

I’m never happy with my hair anyway!

My hair does not determine my value. This is a lesson I want to learn. 

How many of you ladies love your hair more often than not?………Mmm hmmm, that’s what I thought. I’mah gonna do it! Besides…….she’s worth it.

(12/13/16…This video was dedicated to first and foremost, Lisa, whom I shaved my head for and who is now cancer free. This video was also made for two other beauties who had passed on and will be forever missed.)


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