I’m forcing myself to write this down. I haven’t felt like “sharing” lately. I’m stuck again. I was doing so good. I was eating healthy and feeling good, great even. If only I had kept it up. But I really struggle with self-discipline. Now I feel like a blimp and I don’t feel well. I need to get back on track. I hardly move my body. I just sit on the couch mostly. Pathetic, I know. And frigid cold temperatures outside do not help.

My body aches and I feel so sad and overwhelmed again……needing to improve my life but completely lacking the motivation to do what I need to do. I’m so unhappy.

I’ve got live kefir grains coming to me by mail. That’s my baby-step towards wellness. I hope it works. Making homemade kefir is supposedly an excellent and cheap way to fill your colon full of good flora bacteria. A clean and well functioning colon can only lead to optimal health.

I’m hoping this will help me begin to feel better. I need a good kick-start.


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  1. kierachang says:

    You’re not alone! And this weather isn’t definitely helping at all. Keep your head up. We all just wanna be healthy. I’m with ya!

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