“Just forget about it.” …………. Really?!?? Just forget about it? Worst advice ever when you don’t know what said person is dealing with. Not everything is so cut and dry. And repressed memories don’t qualify as “forgetting about it”. Symptoms of pain, anguish, insecurity, misery and self-loathing still occur. A person will never completely heal without addressing the ROOT of the problem. It would be like someone breaking their leg but doing nothing about it. The outside may look fine but the inside will always be screwed up and they will never walk normally.

I’ve tried to “just forget about it” for many years. Things may seem fine for a little while but eventually things ALWAYS end up re-surfacing. Certain situations trigger powerful emotions of rage or severe sadness. That’s been my experience anyway. 

No. I can’t “just forget about it”. That way of living is destroying me. 40 is quickly approaching and I don’t want to enter into another new decade of my life in constant fear and emotional pain.

Just because you don’t understand someone’s pain doesn’t mean their pain is not valid. To say such a thing to someone, even if you mean well, does more damage than good.



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  1. It’s always nice to know there are people who can relate and that do understand! Thanks peeps 🙂

  2. jamesscott66 says:

    Well said my friend. It’s always been the phrase “Snap out of it.” in reference to my depression, that never fails to get my blood up

  3. youngandtwenty says:

    “Just forget about it” “Don’t think about it” People sincerely need to think about what they say to others! Everything is easier said then done.

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