Not sure why I let it bother me. I guess because that’s not how I want to be perceived, but apparently that’s what people think of me. I walked into church that day with the idea that I could push through it….I wasn’t feeling very social (I’m an introvert by nature, that’s who I am) but I was going to push through it….I wanted to stay in bed and hide but I forced myself to go anyway. One of the first comments made to me was how sad I looked. “THANKS”, I said. Then there was a pot-luck dinner afterward so I sat down to eat only to have a woman, who has seen me maybe 3 times in her life, feel the need to inform me that I always look serious. “Don’t take offense but….” is how it started and you always know you’re in for a doosey when they start their sentence off that way….. Wow…Really?!?! Did you really need to say that to me? Is that your amazing way of lifting me up somehow?!?! Gee…I’m sorry, I’ll try to look more chipper for you next time. I left feeling awful and defeated. I try so hard to fight the sadness. Some days are pretty good but I still struggle from time to time. It’s frustrating to be told by a stranger how you are perceived…or judged I should say. It really bothered me. I was in a wreck of a mood for the rest of the day.


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