I wrote a piece a while back about how I lost my virginity. After much counsel with women I trust I made the decision to declare that I had lost my virginity to rape. And even though I believe it to be technically true, I still struggle with the use of this word. It’s such a harsh word. And I feel as though I still don’t have the right to use it because there was no screaming or physical violence involved. I know that I am partly responsible for what happened. But he DID know that something was wrong…why else would he have gotten off of me? Problem is, I was completely frozen from shock (which is why he stopped….for 2 seconds). Despite the fact that I could not move or speak he still felt the need to get back on top of me to finish what he had originally started WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. But I was a naked fool for ever trusting that it wouldn’t go past a certain point. And since that awful experience I have met a few different guys along the way who showed amazing self control (even when I wasn’t) because they actually respected my convictions. Yet I still struggle with the right to use the word rape.


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  1. Laura says:

    I’m sorry too. I also lost my virginity to acquaintance rape. A book I found really helpful and informative was I Never Called It Rape by Robin Warshaw. It has a lot of statistics and stories from women who have been raped by an aquaintance. I had trouble applying that word to my experience too, but that’s exactly what it was and that book helped me to understand and accept it.

  2. lilypup says:

    Sorry this happened to you. Sadly, all too common…..http://lilypupslife.wordpress.com/

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