Was trying to find out whether coconut oil is truly beneficial or not, but after reading this I’m more confused than ever! The comments are what REALLY got my head spinning!! And I couldn’t stop reading them! But what made me doubt the author’s credibility just a bit was one of his last comments…”Toxic means poisonous. Canola oil is perfectly safe for human consumption. It’s simply against the law to market any food known to be toxic.”
REALLY?!?! Since when do “laws” stop any corrupt industry? By now most of us know how toxic our food supply is. Is he really that naive?

Obviously this guy is very intelligent and knows a lot and I have zero education outside of high school, but I’m frustrated at how difficult it is to know for certain if anything I read is true. I think I’m learning how to weed out a lot of the crap but it’s still difficult when studies are continuously changing and I always question who is backing these studies.

I dunno. Maybe I’ll take his advice and switch to Sunflower Oil after my bucket of organic virgin raw cold-pressed coconut oil is gone, or maybe I won’t….. Gah!

Big sigh…..rant over.

– See more at: http://scepticalnutritionist.com.au/…


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