The depression I’ve struggled with for about 28 years is GONE. I was delivered from this life-long battle on April 22, 2016, once and for all. It’s been almost two weeks and I’m still experiencing a freedom I’ve never experienced before. There have been many times when I thought I had beaten it, where I thought perhaps NOW I’m free only to find myself back in the pit once again. But this time the heaviness I have been so accustomed to carrying around is completely gone!

A friend had invited me to go and listen to an evangelist by the name of Anthony Greve share his testimony. Almost didn’t go because one of my cats was sick, but I ended up going and I’m so glad I did. We were sitting in the pews listening to this guy speak when he began walking down the aisle. Our eyes were locked much longer than I was comfortable with so I broke the gaze. But eventually he had headed back down and was once again looking right at me. He asked if he could pray for me so I stood up and stepped out into the aisle. Now, I just want to mention that I was actually feeling pretty good that night. I was on an “upswing”, if you will, so depression was the last thing on my mind. Didn’t occur to me that he would mention depression. I thought maybe he was gonna pray for my knees or something. So when he began to tell me how I’ve been struggling with depression I was a bit surprised. God had clearly told him that about me. Anthony proceeded to tell me how this depression is not a medical condition but a spiritual attack. He asked me if I was on any meds for it and I said no. I stopped taking anti-depressants over two years ago because I knew that after taking them for more than ten years they weren’t helping me. Pills were not the answer, just a band-aid. I lifted up my arms and he began to pray over me…commanding all depression to leave in the name of Jesus. I felt the Holy Spirit come over me and as I began to fall back I could hear him say “There it goes. It’s gone”. Then someone caught me in mid-fall. He continued to tell me that I would never again struggle with depression; that I was free. Then I sat back down in my pew real quick.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first because I’ve been prayed over for this many, many times. I was feeling a little skeptical. I told him that I wanted to believe that I’m healed and he basically said that it’s not about WANTING to believe…just believe it. Receive it. As the night went on I felt better and better. I walked out feeling so encouraged. I soon realized that I needed to give up the marijuana as well. I contacted Anthony through Facebook and this was our conversation…(everything I share publicly here isn’t anything Anthony hasn’t shared in his testimony before, which is why I feel it’s OK to share our private conversation)

4/23, 12:15pm Evangelist Anthony Greve

I felt the Lord say this, watch what you put into your spirit. What you watch and listen to is what’s opening up doors for the enemy and those suicidal spirits of depression. Watch your intake. If it’s not of God shut it out, get away from the secularism and stick with worship.

4/23, 4:20pm Mindy Beth Matarazzo  

(funny how it happened to be 4:20 when I asked this! Ha ha!)

I gotta ask you this one thing though, and I’m probably not going to like your answer but here it goes…..I enjoy marijuana. I’ve cut back but I still use it every night. Can that open up doors?

4/24, 1:40am Evangelist Anthony Greve

It’s of the devil. Nothing was ever intended to be smoked and placed in your body. Absolutely that’ll open up doors to devils, depression, etc. You gotta repent of that. Turn from it. I’ll be back at the church tomorrow morning for the 10:30 service. Would love to see you and your husband there.

As I mulled this over in my head I found I couldn’t smoke my weed without conviction. That’s kind of a buzz kill, I gotta say. I decided to research it a bit and realized Anthony was right. I had been justifying this for years. By day three I was really struggling not to get high….


4/28, 9:12pm Mindy Beth Matarazzo

I don’t want to keep bothering you but I know you have experience with this….Really struggling right now. I want to do what’s right but I also REALLY want to use up the tiny bit I have left. I gave away my quarter-full baggy to someone today, but I still have a tiny bit left and I can’t seem to throw it down the toilet. You think God would give me a pass this one time? Help! I’ve been using every day for the last ten years. This is so hard. I guess the fact that I’m so sad to let it go proves how much I rely on it. I even confessed to some fellow Christians at church last night, renounced it and they prayed for me….Yet, here I am, sitting on my couch duking it out with myself to the point of tears.

4/28, 9:18pm Evangelist Anthony Greve

Mindy, first of all you are never ever a bother to me. You can feel free to contact me anytime. No. To pass on God means to be in agreement with the devil. Flush it down the toilet and blow the devil a kiss goodbye. The reason it’s hard is the enemy has you believing that it’s worth holding onto and that’s a complete lie. He doesn’t want you free living for God and walking in the freedom that Christ has for you.

4/28, 9:20pm Evangelist Anthony Greve

It’s ok. You’re not alone. It’s a process. Sanctification is a process. But it starts with making the right decisions for God. This will change your life and your families life for the better forever.
Right now this thing has power and dominion over you. You are to have power and dominion over it. If you want my advice it’s flush it, say the last time was the last time, and never look back. And if you really want to kick the devil in the teeth, you flush it down the toilet, then crank up some worship music and stand in your living room and begin to praise and thank God for the victory over it.
4/28, 9:23pm Mindy Beth Matarazzo
OK. Thank you, Anthony. I’ll do it now. I just can’t believe how upset I am about it. But I know I’m healed. People keep asking me what’s different about me. I’ve been telling people all week about what happened Friday night. I’ve even been ministering to others. I’m actually exhausted today from being so happy all week.
I understand I was in bondage to sex, substances, and many other things for years. For the majority in Christ. But you are a new creation in Christ the Bible says and where you didn’t have power to overcome before God has given it to you and now you do. The Bible says that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
Praise God. You have been set free Mindy. Jesus Christ has set you free and you never have to look back or go back to the way things used to be. Now you get to minister, be free, and Gods gonna use you. So proud of you girl. The Devils
just trying to rob you of your joy. He always tries to bring up your past to make you think your missing something. But the Devils a liar. The best is still to come. It’s in front of you not behind you. Trust me you’re gonna feel like a million bucks after you flush that thing. You have power over it in Jesus Christs mighty name.
4/28, 9:33pm Mindy Beth Matarazzo
Done. Thanks again. Feels better now that there’s no more temptation. All that’s left is telling my “person” not to         leave me free baggies every week.
P.S. So glad you were around just now…I was freaking out!
So am I. That was a divine app./ set up. God knew and He had me around for it.
He’s got you girl. Gods got your back, always!!! You’re HIS girl!!!!
Advice? Get rid of the person. They’re of the devil, and serving the devil, and the enemy will continue to use them to try and tempt you. Cut the person out. That’s the biggest statement of a change life you could make, by saying I ain’t rolling with you no more devil. What they do with they’re life is their business and they will answer for it, but you are held accountable to God.
I can’t tell you what to do I can only offer you advice. You have to be the one to make the decision. You are victorious in Jesus name. The devil hates when you start making moves for God and towards God. Love is a decision. To love God is a free will choice that He had given us. Love is an action. We choose.
4/28, 10:03pm Mindy Beth Matarazzo
…So glad it’s trash night…throwing away all my vaporizers.

This healing has been a process. I believe there were things I still had to go through and figure out and learn before I could receive my complete healing. Everyone is different.

If interested in learning more about Anthony Greve check out these links….


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