I’m currently struggling with some things. Trying to figure stuff out. Been getting overly stressed and exhausted so I thought I would reminisce on my first spiritual experience… Even though I do remember thinking, at the age of five or six, that Jesus was sitting next to me on the bus, I received the Holy Spirit when I was nine….as you will see.

Yes, I was nine years old when it happened. I remember sitting in my dad’s car in the driveway, listening to him tell me about Jesus. He was dropping me back off at home after another Sunday visit (my mother had full custody). Before I got out of the car to go inside he told me about how if I ask Jesus to come into my heart, He will. I honestly can’t remember details of this talk, but that night after I had gone to bed I remembered what he had said earlier in the day. As I lay on my belly with my little cheek pressed upon my pillow, I began to pray to Jesus. I told Him how I wanted Him in my life. I asked Him to please come into my heart. The more I prayed the deeper the sincerity became until I was sobbing into a now wet pillow, pleading with Him to come into my heart. I remember feeling almost desperate for Him. SUDDENLY, a powerful energy I’d never felt before entered directly into my back, went directly into my heart and then spread throughout my body. At the time I believe I referred to it as “a giant gush of love”. I know now it was the Holy Spirit. Jesus LITERALLY came into my heart! The peace was immediate and I went right to sleep. I remember the next day standing out in my yard raising my hands up to the sky hoping for that feeling to happen again but it never did. But I knew Jesus was with me.


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  1. […] argue with your own personal experience. Well, I guess that theory is blown. According to Todd, when I felt the Holy Spirit enter into my body at the age of nine it was nothing more than endorphins…or at least that’s what he suggested. But I know […]

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