Yes, I got my peace back! After about a week of carrying around a burdened heart full of confusion I am now at peace once again. The spirit of confusion has left the building.

I met up with my pastors and hashed it all out….everything that was plaguing me which I had written about in my piece entitled, ‘Deception Unveiled?’ was laid all out on the table. And, as it turns out, I had no reason to be afraid of telling them what I was struggling with after all! Zero judgement on their part. I have not become a cessationist, either. I actually feel sad for that guy. To go through life thinking and teaching others that the gifts are not for today, to me, is a travesty. The Lord had plainly shown me in the past how the gifts are still viable today. The devil was trying to make me doubt what I already knew to be true.

I am no longer concerned with everyone else. I’m focused on my own walk and I have comfort in knowing I have discernment in these matters. I trust God. And Pastor Dick cleared something else up for me….sort of. I was worried that this Kundalini spirit was masquerading as the Holy Spirit. I had read that it was a false holy spirit, but what I didn’t understand was that it is a serpent demon, not a false holy spirit, which is specifically summoned by the Hindus. They are not asking for God Almighty’s Holy Spirit only to receive an imposter. The Hindus know who they are beckoning/summoning. But he didn’t really answer my question concerning what is happening in some of the churches as far as “Christians” supposedly being slain in the spirit and behaving in odd and disturbing ways. I put Christians in quotes because I don’t believe this particular group have gained true salvation. Do I have all the answers as far as deceptions go? No. But I do know that Christians can lose their way and open up doors to evil spirits. Is it the Kundalini spirit? I don’t know! Can we call on God in an improper manner only to receive deceitful spirits? That very well may be the case, but I just don’t know. But I’m not worried about it anymore. God has me…..But I’m still waiting on God to clarify this for me.

UPDATE: 9/18/2016

All I know is this, if we ask the one and only true God for the Holy Spirit He will not give us something else or allow evil to instead enter. And maybe I’m too quick to judge what I believe is or isn’t from God? I still really don’t know.                                                                          

Luke 11:11-1311 What father among you, if his son asks for a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent; 12 or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? 13 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”


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  1. Terry says:

    I’m glad to hear all of this. I’d like to share this with you.
    God Bless!

  2. Terry says:

    i always receive M’kaylas comments/posts in my email and i read yours and read around your site a bit. If you don’t mind, I would like to comment a bit.

    All I can say from years of study (and still doing so) is that false spirits can manifest if you approach God the wrong way even with His name. One example would be contemplative prayer. They slap christian names/words on occult practices.

    The bible speaks of strange fire. The enemy is masquerading as an angel of light these days especially in these endtimes.

    The bible speaks of another Jesus another spirit and another gospel. Jesus said take heed that no man deceive you & many would come in His name. According to all i’ve read, that isn’t just people claiming to be Jesus but actually claiming to speak for Him when in fact they are not. There are many deceivers trying to draw people away from the truth on purpose.

    I don’t know the people at your church but since you know that they’re into alot of these things, I would stop bringing it to them and just keep praying to God and keep researching.

    Mkayla has spoken on the fire tunnels as being bad.

    Also I think Heidi Baker is a good example of a person who has opened the door to strange things. I actually read some people that say she started out ok but has changed. There is a video of her saying the gods the gods and the holy spirits…..
    I said finally there’s proof that people cannot deny. What did her defenders say? She helps so many in africa so she is good and you are wrong to speak against this sweet lady. That is not a defence for clearly false doctrine and very odd behavior.

    The bible says some will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. We are seeing the great falling away right now. It also says a little leaven leavens the whole lump. Eventually that can happen.

    I have a ton of other information but anyway, this is not to scare you but to warn/ inform you to keep praying to God and don’t let anyone force you to accept anything even if they are the nicest people in the world.

    i read this and found it helpful. Don’t forget to read the comment too>


    • Yes, thank you. I appreciate your concern. God has opened my eyes to all that you have said. After speaking to my pastors I came to understand that they don’t support a lot of what I was concerned about, which was a relief. I have a strong sense of the Holy Spirit when He speaks to me and I’m always using discernment. The people in my church would never try to force me to accept anything. They’re not like that. That’s why I’m glad I did go to them with what was concerning me, so I could really find out where they stand. And I have many different people I seek counsel from, not just them. I even pointed out to them the reasons behind why I don’t trust Benny Hinn, Heidi Baker and so on and was satisfied with response I got. Even found out that they don’t agree with some of what Bethel Church does. The Lord has been teaching me about who I am in Him. I’m more secure in who I am in Christ and have decided to stop burdening myself with what others should or should not be doing. It’s too much on me when I do that. But I am fully prepared to leave this church if ever I feel they have crossed a line. But after much prayer and counsel I feel good about where I am for the time being. I would also like to add that I pray that if my pastors are trapped in any sort of deception that God will reveal it to them. I am always praying for God to lift the veil so that I and my church leaders and congregation can see God’s truth. I do appreciate you reaching out. God bless you!

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