Just don’t know anymore.

Living with disappointments…That’s just life, I guess. More for some than others, though…According to Facebook.

Days, weeks, months, years…They all run into each other.

I’ll be 41 soon. This wasn’t supposed to be my life.

I try to be thankful, but it doesn’t change anything.

Thankful for my salvation…I look forward to heaven.

I try to praise and worship, but nothing changes.

Don’t have anything I look forward to.

Keep trying to be better, but for what?

I don’t feel pretty anymore..hate looking in the mirror.

Out of shape now…Knees are bad. Clothes don’t fit. No will to do anything about it.

Dissatisfied in marriage and life in general…Guess some things never change.

It’s my own fault. Have to figure out how to live with it.

Not depressed, just trying to accept reality.

Sure does sound like I’m depressed.

Wish God would allow me the pot like He used to…Supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit instead.

How do I do that exactly?

There’s a lot of negative statements I deleted from this entry, believe it or not…



Waiting for another short stint of feeling like things will be OK.

That seems to be the pattern.

I know God has a purpose and a plan for me…Wish I knew what it was.

I must be getting in the way….Then again, maybe I’m not. 

Maybe I’m right where I’m supposed to be.


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