Whenever I get honey stung drummies from Market Basket I always eat one in my car before leaving. Well, I didn’t realize I was being watched! Don’t know what he said but he sure did startle me! I looked to my left to see an older gentlemen in his motorized scooter about ready to get into his van. He was admiring my chicken so I asked if he wanted a piece.

“Sure!” he exclaimed…”Thank you!” What a smile this guy had! He seemed so happy to be acknowledged….

“Your welcome!” I said, as I dug into the bag for just the right piece. Gave him a big ol’ drumstick.

“You just made my day! You want some of my salami?”

“Oh, no but thanks!”

“God bless you” I said as I slowly began backing out of my space…

“And God bless you, too!”

“Jesus loves you” I said and he immediately says back to me….

“And you know what? Jesus loves you too!”

“Oh, I know.”

“And you know that if you talk to Him he’ll answer you”…now of course I had to pull back into my space.

I was surprised at the response I got, honestly. I wasn’t expecting him to be a fellow believer. Most times I feel as though we are few and far between. Thought I’d say God bless and that would be that. He introduced himself at that point. We shared names and shook hands. His name was Tommy. Oh, and he complimented me on my eyebrows…told him I did them myself and that made him laugh pretty hard. And he was right about Jesus speaking to us. Jesus was speaking through Tommy just for me today. And perhaps Jesus was speaking through me for Tommy.

“Well, I won’t hold you up” he said. He mentioned again how I just made his day. It’s amazing how one little drumstick can make someone’s day. I know it was more than that, but it really is the little things in life that we, more times than not, tend to overlook because we are too caught up in ourselves.


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