Was feeling frustrated, as usual, when trying to find a summer dress. It’s not often that I buy myself something new, but my husband had given me a $40 gift card to Kohl’s for our twelfth wedding anniversary. As I was leaving the dressing room I was thinking to myself….or maybe I muttered it under my breath, “What’s a girl gotta do to find a decent dress around here?” Then I started to think back to the time when I saw a really pretty skirt in this very same store almost a year ago. It wasn’t something I would usually be interested in but it left an impression. It was ankle length and off white at the waist which faded into a soft pink towards the bottom. It was layered with the outer layer being a sort of tulle type fabric. It even had a bit of weight to it, which I like. It was very “princessy” and I thought to myself how lovely it would be to wear to someone’s wedding one day. But the $78 price tag stopped me right in my tracks and the fantasy abruptly ended. As all of this was racing through my mind in the short span of a few seconds my eyes were suddenly directed, guided, steered towards the clearance rack. And what do you think I saw peeking out from behind some other clothing but that very skirt I had longed for so long ago! And it was a size 6 to boot! OK…so it was tricky zipping it up but that’s just more incentive to lose the weight 😉


Guess how much it was…go ahead…guess!

…I’ll wait…

$7.80! It was marked down NINETY PERCENT!!


I knew it was God showing me that he hears me even when I’m not technically “praying” to Him. It may sound like a silly, insignificant thing. I mean, it’s just a stupid skirt, right?!? Who cares?!? But the odds of that skirt being there and my eyes falling right onto it as I was reminiscing about it is a total “God thing”. I walked around that store, skirt draped over my arm, with a big ol’ smile across my face because I knew Jesus was with me and was enjoying the moment right alongside me. He took pleasure in that moment, as did I.


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