Just sharing a Facebook memory from one year ago today…

To the woman standing in the Vista parking lot…. I honestly thought you were waiting for me to pass by so you could cross. But as I went by I heard you say, “Yeah. Speed up, asshole!” I know you know I heard you. I know you saw the look of shock on my face as I slowed down to look at you in disbelief. It was hurtful and I may have even shed a couple tears, but I forgive you. I even prayed for you because you looked extremely miserable and angry with life in general. Know that I would never deliberately be an “asshole” to anyone. Actually, I would like to thank you for showing me just how much I have grown. Normally, that would have set my mood for the rest of the day. I would have worn it like a badge of shame for angering a complete stranger. And being able to tell Lisa (my neighbor downstairs) about the mean lady right when I got home helped too. Thanks Lisa! And praise God for all the healing I’ve experienced over this last year and a half!


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