After doing a little research, I think the actual medical term might be Periorificial Dermatitis? First developed this when I was twelve. Dermatologist told me it was eczema and that I would always have it (real encouraging). It was only around my nose and under my ears at that time. Then it went away during my teen years and didn’t rear its’ ugly head again until my late thirties. Now it has spread and is forming around my eyes which has never happened before. Just want it to go away.

I was free and clear for the last three years but here we are again. They say stress can be a factor and this ridiculously long-ass election can’t be over soon enough! If this crap on my face doesn’t start to clear up on the 9th then it will be due to the outcome following this damn nightmare of an election…or it’s just due to my life in general.




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