Trump Rally in Laconia, NH, July 16, 2015 That's my hand...I recognize the band-aid.

Trump Rally in Laconia, NH       July 16, 2015       That’s my hand…I recognize the band-aid.

November 11, 2016

Dear Mr. President-Elect,

The hate that is swarming the streets and social media is weighing heavily on my heart. Ever since the results came in it’s caused a great divide among the citizens of this country. And I have to be honest, I wasn’t prepared for the amount of hate I’ve been witnessing. Friends and strangers alike on Facebook putting up hateful posts of why I’m stupid and ignorant and racist/bigoted for supporting you. I’m trying really hard to just ignore it but it’s not easy to do that when it’s everywhere. Even posts that were never meant to be about anything political end up turning into a mean spirited war in the comments section. It’s breaking my heart. I want my joy to be shared by everyone but instead I’m afraid to express it for fear of retaliation. Every time I start to write out a response to defend my new president I end up deleting it. Why? Because I realize it won’t do any good. They made up their minds a long time ago about who they WANT to believe you are. I say “want to believe” because I know how slanted, manipulative, and down right dirty the media has been. I don’t think it even occurs to most people to use some critical thinking. But, like I said, most don’t care to.

I know you are not a racist. I know you are not a bigot. Granted, you did say some things at times which have made defending you quite difficult and I would shake my head every time, but I know you have love for this country and I know there are MANY good and wonderful things you have done for others. (For the record, I know you weren’t making fun of that disabled reporter. I’ve seen PLENTY of clips of you using the same mannerisms when imitating numerous people.) For the first time in a long time I actually have hope for my future. I believe my quality of life will improve.

I went to the first rally you held in Laconia, New Hampshire. I went out of curiosity. You even grabbed my hand when you were walking out. I left feeling pretty good. The energy was electric and I watched you closely after that. Before long I was convinced you were what this country needed to thrive once again. I guess I’m writing to you right now in hopes it will make ME feel better about how negative the energy currently is. I’m hoping this disdain calms down soon but I’m afraid that’s not going to be the case. The ugliness is frightening and disheartening and it’s almost too much to bear (I’m dreading Thanksgiving). I hope you can some how address this ugliness…maybe put out the fire (or at least bring it to a smolder) with some reassurance to the people of this country and the world that you are not this ogre of a man so many people think you are. There are a lot of people who are genuinely afraid of you! I’m amazed by this but I can only attribute this fear to what the media had been dishing out for the last 16 to 18 months. I’m hearing many stories, including from my own cousin, of people’s CHILDREN stating how afraid they are of you. They think you are a bad man! Credit the parents, teachers, other kids at school, and media for that I guess. I see a lot of fear in the gay/transgender community as well. But I’m hoping there is something you can do to put those fears to rest, or maybe you can’t. That’s why I stop myself every time I go to write out a defense for you on social media. I’m not up for the backlash that’s sure to follow and I just don’t think my words will matter. But maybe yours will?

Thank you, Mr. Trump, for fighting to take this country back from corruption and evil agendas. Thank you for giving the silent majority a voice. I hope you will do your very best to keep your word on the many promises you have made. I’m praying for you as are many others. May you be blessed and equipped to fight this battle ahead of you. I’m proud to call you President Trump.

This Girl Called Mindy

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