The following comment was in response to the above meme posted on Facebook about the current protests over Donald Trump becoming the new president-elect…

Casey, I think some are protesting because of some of the horrific things that have already happened on day 1. Like a Muslim woman being approached in a supermarket and being told to go hang herself/get out of America, even though she grew up there. The stories and videos of events in the last 12 hours are tragic. Electing Trump gave permission for those who think like him to externalise their internal monologues, and many of those mirror his speech and behaviour over the last decade. I don’t think protests will do at good whatsoever…but death threats to gay couples, and a black baby doll being hung by the heck in public? That’s not okay. From what I’m reading and watching, there is legitimate fear because there is legitimate evil.

I first commented with this question…

Can you please tell me where I can find this story of the Muslim woman? Can’t find anything about this anywhere.

She then responded with these two links……/black-doll-found-hung…/350436935

After sleeping on it, I still felt compelled to respond to this. Here’s what I said…

At the risk of being attacked for sharing my views I find myself needing to anyway…It saddens me to see just how many people have eaten up what the media has dished out. Trump is not the ogre the media has presented him to be. They are quite talented at twisting and manipulating everything this man has said. Has he been perfect? No. Has he said some things he probably shouldn’t have? Yes. I’ve shaken my head many a time. But he is not a career politician and has kept it real which I think is what has drawn many Americans to him. We are sick of the phony BS from politics as usual and want someone to tell it like it is. Mr. Trump genuinely cares about this country and is not being controlled by corporate interests. He has done many wonderful things over the years that the media does not show. He also helped Pastor Saeed Abedini and his family when Hillary Clinton did nothing!…/freed.pastor…/99015.htm

His children are also an amazing reflection of the type of man he really is. He is surrounding himself with an amazing team of men and women to help him get this country back on track. People can either choose to only believe what they are presented, like rumor articles from the Daily Haze, or they can actually do their own research. Check out some undercover Project Veritas tapes to see just how crooked and conniving the other side has been. Check out wikileaks and read these emails for yourself. The “legitimate evil” is exposed and it’s FINALLY LEAVING THE BUILDING. God is bringing the darkness out into the light.

And electing Trump GAVE NO ONE PERMISSION to behave in an atrocious manner. We all have free will to make our own decisions. Just because there ARE racists and bigots out there who support Trump does not mean ALL of his other supporters share the same ridiculous, narrow minded views. Donald Trump is not a racist. Donald Trump is not a bigot. Trump is not a violent man. He did not have to run for president. He knew what kind of attacks would come his and his family’s way if he ran but he chose to run anyway because he sees the direction America has taken and he wants to put the interests and safety of its citizens FIRST. These protests in the streets are ridiculous. People have a right to protest but no wrongs have been done to them and Trump poses no threat to them. They are crying about the outcome of a fair election. They are crying because they didn’t get their way. Even Hillary has conceded graciously.

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