So Rick and I were watching President Trump signing his first executive orders today.

“He could be signing anything,” my husband joked…

“He’s not even reading them first. What if someone snuck something into the pile that says Hillary is now President?”

I laughed along, “Yeah! …I resign as President of the United States…Donald Trump.”

“Ha, ha, ha!” we laughed together.

Then we thought that would make a funny Saturday Night Live skit since the show loves to bash on Trump anyways… I mean, have you SEEN Weekend Update?!?! Majority of that segment seems dedicated to Trump-bashing…no surprise considering the mentality of one of its writers. And I’m so over Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression. Darrell Hammond was way better.

But I digress.

I can almost see it now…Kate McKinnon as Hillary (incognito, of course), sneakily sliding an order (of her own devious creation) into the pile from within the crowd that’s standing all around President Trump as he signs away at the desk. One last desperate attempt to make her dreams of becoming the first woman President a reality.

Let’s see if the SNL writer’s thought up the same scenario. That would be funny…or sad since I wouldn’t see a dime.

Side Note: The best Donald Trump impersonator that I’ve come across thus far is a comedian by the name of Anthony Atamanuik. I think he nails it…but you be the judge…


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