They call it a “Women’s March” as if to imply ALL women are welcome, yet forget to mention pro-lifers and those with traditionally held values need not apply.  They complain about vulgarity from Trump yet don homemade vulvas atop their heads. Some spat at pro-life protesters and tore up their signs whilst others shouted profanities with middle fingers ablaze. Go figure. Dumbest. March. Ever… in my opinion.



They have vaginas and they are very proud of them.



Oh. Wow.


Exactly what rights were they fighting for anyway?!?! Nobody could give a clear answer. Any excuse to get together and dress up as lady bits, I guess. I have no doubt many were enticed by the feeling of camaraderie that comes with women getting together and chanting.

What I saw (from what I could see from my couch, mind you) was an array of vulgar, hand-crafted costumes, a sea of pink pussy hats, and a hodgepodge of hand-painted signs that didn’t seem to lead to any singular, unifying goal. The only common theme I saw in this march was love for abortion and hate for Trump. Granted, the fraction of protesters that were viewed from my living room do not speak for EVERYONE that attended. I am aware of that. I am also aware that many of the women marching had their own personal reasons for doing so and that’s great, but what came across didn’t impress me and the facts speak for themselves. Just look at the many links provided on the Women’s March on Washington website and you will find a common theme of anti-Trump press coverage. There was even a link for eleven anti-Trump inauguration protests you can join around the country. How helpful, thanks! All generously provided to you by the event’s official website. And many women will attest to the fact that they did not feel welcome because their particular views did not match up to the views all women are apparently supposed to have.

And if that’s not enough to convince you of its “underlying” agenda then just listen to the many speeches given from the stage that day. This was hardly a nonpartisan event (although they insist it was) but an event advocating abortion and denouncing the new President.



The agenda was clear and the event quite hypocritical in fact, considering one of its organizers, Linda Sarsour, supports Sharia Law. This wasn’t about women’s rights. Besides the fact that we already won those some time ago, how on Earth does President Trump threaten any of our rights as women? He’s only married to a strong, independent woman who’s done quite well for herself in business AND as a devoted mother. He only has amazing, well mannered and articulate children who adore him. His eldest daughter is even a trusted adviser! How does he not support women again?!?! No. This march was strictly about expressing hatred for the new President and defending the right to murder unborn children. That’s it.

So, I ask again, what rights will President Trump be taking away from you ladies?!?! The “right” to kill the LIFE in your womb due to its inconvenience to YOUR precious life? (Don’t worry, if Roe vs Wade ever gets overturned I’m sure you can still find a state willing to take care of your inconvenience.) He hadn’t even been in office a full day before you all felt the need to crowd the streets as walking labia, demanding to be heard. Well, I heard you. I heard your hate speech loud and clear, Madonna. I heard your man hating vitriol and twisted “facts”, Ashley Judd.

I’m proud to be a woman. I don’t need to wear pink pussy hats or parade around with my face encased within a fake female crotch to prove it. 




Way to represent, ladies, but I think your message of

Way to represent, ladies, but I think your message of “Can’t touch this” may be sending mixed signals.


While all you walking labia were defending rights that WE ALREADY HAVE there were actual women crying ALL OVER THE WORLD with REAL problems and REAL oppression. This march did not create any positive change but it most certainly incited more divisiveness, hate, and intolerance.

Here’s a funny piece written by Katie Hopkins who actually WAS there…


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  1. interesting perspective. i don’t usually identify with groups of women and i didn’t match. but when i heard Ashley Judd’s speech i felt the sisterhood- that we all have a common experience of sorts. but i appreciate your post and the “walking labias” comment made me laugh.

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