I just had a weird dream. I haven’t been remembering my dreams lately. But I was more present in this one than in others.

One of the first things I remember is Toco coming back to me. I realize this cat is next to me on this bed and I wonder if it could possibly be her. So when I look closer I realize it really IS Toco. I yell, “Toco, you came back to me!” I pet her to make sure she is real. She is. I don’t think she stayed, though. I think it was just a visit. Then I go to tell someone. I said I think she came back to me because I was missing her so much, which is true; I miss her so.

Then Rick and I were at some unfinished, loft type building looking for some guy he knows. I was thinking to myself about how this space would be a cool place to live if it were finished. Then I start to feel frustrated and think about how that’s all I’ve ever really wanted. A cool, FINISHED place to call home.

So we find who we’re looking for out back and he’s an older guy with white hair. Part of his face and head look odd; kind of swollen and disfigured a bit. When he stretches out his hand for me to shake, I notice it’s also disfigured and puffy. All his fingers are stuck together like a mitt and part of this “hand-mitt” looks discolored with a sort of whitish pigmentation. It’s also very soft and squishy when I take hold; jellylike. At first I’m sure to be gentle and he says to grip harder, so I squeeze harder until he winces a bit. Right then a thought comes to me to say a quick prayer for him while we’re still touching, so I say in a soft voice, “Be healed, in Jesus name.” He heard me, which I don’t think was my intention (out of fear), but he didn’t seem to mind at all. He said something I couldn’t understand as he was walking away (we were following) but it sounded like agreement and approval.

Next thing I know we’re in a car with the guy and someone I guessed to be his buddy…two old guys. Rick and I are in the back seat and we’re driving on a dirt road high up on a cliff. I see lots of pine trees and steep rock faces. The driver is going way too fast and as we take a corner he loses control. I feel the car veering off course and I know there’s no correcting it. The two front wheels seem to drag perpendicular to the edge of the road until eventually the vehicle loses its grip and finally separates itself from the edge (all in slow motion, of course).

We are now airborne.

Rick and I realize this fact and so we both say to each other “I love you” because we know this is it. Then I keep saying it over and over and over again…

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Then I say that I’m sorry for being such a shitty wife and I ask the Lord to forgive me for all my sins (apparently it was a long drop). But we never  crashed. Next thing I know we’re driving along on another street and we’re fine. So then I start thinking to myself about how maybe we should get divorced since we’ve now had such a traumatic experience that gives one new perspective on life.

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  1. jamesscott66 says:

    Two things…Great dream, thanks for sharing it. Secondly, I’ve been thinking a lot about the two videos you posted in your last entry. Bits and pieces of each testimony keep popping up in my thoughts. Seemingly randomly, though I know better than that. Everything for a reason etc. So, thank you for that as well. It feels like a path of some kind, I knew about baptism in the spirit as opposed to baptism by water, but only that really, it was explained in broad strokes when I was young, By water cleanses you, the Spirit fills you. Anyhow, thank you.


    • No, no…THANK YOU, James! Your feedback encourages me.

      As far as this whole baptism thing goes, sounds like we may be on the same path. It seems to me it’s a pretty important part of “the walk”…vital even! Hopefully I’ll get there soon. I pray the same for you, too.

      • Hey. Ever read back a comment you wrote and realize it sounds sort of angry and bitter so you delete it and hope not too many people already saw it?

        Yeah…me neither. I was just asking for a friend.

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