So I signed up on HITRECORD about six years ago but never did anything with it. Suddenly I’ve contributed two poems within the last week and I’m not even a poet. This entry was written to compliment a picture of a flower underneath the moon. Like I said…I’m no poet, but I still like it…


Unaware the rules of Day,

her flourishing happens by night.

Never growing by Sun’s ray,

but only by glow of Moon’s light.

I was up ’till 3am writing this next one. The challenge was to write in two sentences or less a tiny story describing what we saw in the “tiny film” of a girl, surrounded by fish, standing underwater in the subway. After reading one contributor’s idea, it inspired me to elaborate on this idea of a train ride to a secret underwater world. The ending still seems awkward to me but it was the best I could do… Also, I couldn’t keep it under two sentences, but it was still fun and it was nice to feel inspired to create something! So here ya go…


She’d been told of a world deep under the sea,

a place with no worry or care.

It’s where she knew she needed to be,

longing to breath without air.

Magic ticket in hand she boarded the train,

uncertain this was a wise plan.

As doors closed behind they formed a good seal,

and soon the flood waters ran.

The seawater rose and then she was under,

lost memories began to creep in…

As fish swam about they soon did remind her

of old allergies to scale and fin.


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