So, in this particular dream I found myself on a small ice skating rink. I was trying to see if I could still skate like when I was a kid. I used to figure skate back in the day (for a short stint) and I wanted to see if I was still capable. When realization set in that I could comfortably raise my left leg high above my head as I leaned forward horizontally over the ice with my arms stretched far out to each side like a bird, I was pretty excited! I mean, I couldn’t believe how perfect my form was and it didn’t hurt a bit! All I wanted to do was hold that position as I glided freely about the ice, but there were so many people in my way that I couldn’t glide more than a few feet before I would have to stop. I felt extremely frustrated to say the least, and I wanted nothing more than for all those people to get out of my way. If they got off the ice altogether that would have been even better.

Then the ice rink became

a large living room with beige carpet…but I would still be able to skate around freely on it if I could just move the furniture out of the way.

No problem!

There was only a couch and coffee table. I pushed them to the far end of the room so I would have the open space I needed. I was sure to be neat about it because I didn’t think the furniture or the space actually belonged to me, so I wanted to be respectful.

But when I turned around

there was more furniture sitting in its place, right in the middle of my newly cleared area!

Every time I turned around there was more and more large pieces of furniture to be moved, all in the middle of the room. Soon it wasn’t just furniture, but clutter as well. I wasn’t even trying to be neat about it anymore as I hastily, and now carelessly, hurled old papers and all sorts of other junk out the doorway and into the next room. Despite my efforts, the mess never got smaller. I knew it was Satan putting all this crap there every time my back was turned.

All I wanted was the freedom to glide freely about but I couldn’t because of all the obstacles blocking my way. Perfect summation of my life, I would say.

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