“Um…YEAH, I’m pretty sure it’s a bullet wound,” he flatly rasped back to the snooty operator.

As the phone cut out for the fifth time his legs could no longer support his weight and he slowly slid to the floor. Now slumped in a heap of defeat, the only current comfort he had was the illumination of the overhead light warming his sad, soggy frame.

“How the hell did I end up here?!?!” he rhetorically asked himself, sitting all alone in a red puddle of woe. This lone, oddly placed phone booth he now found himself in was a double edged sword. On one hand it was a desperately needed respite, but at the very same time it also seemed to serve as an obnoxiously bright beacon calling out to the threat looming outside.

A sudden onslaught of rain violently beat against the booth’s glass suggesting impending doom would soon be on its way. Left with only the torture of regret, all he could do now was reflect on the last four days of his pathetic existence and how foolish he had been. With no other options for help and all hope seemingly lost, he uttered the most odious phrase no one ever wants to declare… “I should have listened to my mother.”

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  1. jamesscott66 says:

    Don’t know what prompted this, but I love it! Hope there’s more to come, but if not I always did enjoy a good cliffhanger. 🙂

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