I need to write this down so I don’t forget.

I had a lot of dreams last night (well, this morning really) but this particular dream stood out from the others and I do believe it was from God.

I was touring an old house. Much of it had been restored and renovated and I loved the look and feel of the place. I soon came to a section that hadn’t been touched yet. I think the people who owned it intended to eventually turn this section into a separate apartment. There were no doors closing it off to the rest of the house so I walked right in. The main room in which I first stood had natural light streaming through a small window in the upper right-hand corner which provided a decent amount of illumination for my viewing pleasure.

As I admired the layout and architecture of this old space, evidence shown the passage of many decades devoid of any human presence. It was like standing inside a time capsule. I ventured left to see more. I walked through an open doorway into a much smaller, much darker room. It’s possible this room could have been a makeshift kitchen, but I’m not certain. Due to the lack of windows in this tiny area, it appeared even more decrepit. This place definitely needed lots of work, but I was loving everything about it. I quite love the look and feel of century old houses and enjoy visualizing new possibilities. Despite being so run down, I still saw its potential and unique charm.

I was eager to keep exploring so, since there was nothing more to see in this direction, I doubled back. But to my surprise, when I turned around, I found what was once a doorway to now be a wall.

I couldn’t believe it!

And it looked like it had always been there, too. Adorned with a stylized wallpaper, dark orangy-peach in color, this once fancy wall, now old and worn from times past, had some sort of raised, bead-like texture to it. I could feel its bumpy pattern underneath the palms of my hands. Out of frustration I immediately began to pound against it with my fists.

The way by which I had entered was now completely sealed off. I instantly knew it was the devil blocking my way; I knew it was that spiritual barrier I have been so aware of, still keeping me from accessing what is mine. As I beat this wall with everything I had, demanding it come down in the name of Jesus, nothing worked. Then a violent blast of air blew us outside of the house. (I say “us” because there was someone else with me, but I have no idea who.) This warm surge of air was thick and heavy and persistent. I remember trying to walk against it in order to stay inside, but to no avail. Intentions of this evil current were obvious; it wanted me out.

I now found myself sitting on the pavement, forced onto my butt by this unseen enemy. I could see a doorway to get back inside and I tried with all my might to get up but this force was too powerful and strong. I couldn’t fight against it. I knew it was demonic and I found myself pondering over whether it would effect me in some negative way.

“Had demons now been able to enter me because this invisible yet extremely palpable wind had overpowered my physical body?”

As I was thinking to myself about these things I sensed another presence. I looked up to see an old woman standing next to me. She was relatively plump and had gray hair (on the darker side) about mid-neck in length, neatly brushed away from the face with the bottom appearing a bit weighty and curled inward. She was wearing some sort of dark green poncho and held a walking stick. What struck me was her stance. She stood there with such confidence, chin pointed slightly upward. When I looked into her eyes I instantly knew who she was, an angel in disguise. Without breaking eye contact I asked her,

“Will I be okay?”

Without skipping a beat, she looked right at me with the kindest of blue eyes and said most assuredly,

“Yes. You will be okay.”

I then thought that maybe she could be one of the old women whom I adored as a small child during my days of being babysat on a small, family-run farm (even though I had already established this being to be an angel and who looked nothing like her). So I jumped up and hugged her out of joy for this possible reunion. But I don’t know if that part is significant. I tend to think not.

And that’s the end of my dream.

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