A whirlwind of spunk, jammed in a four foot nine frame.

There was no snuffing out your perpetual flame!


Underneath a basket we never found your fiery lamp.

A bright shining light, the one and only, Nancy VanCamp.


A prayer warrior were you; in battle you never did falter.

Thanks for your intercession; for going straight to God’s altar.


A short season we shared; morning car rides and banter.

A time of tilling for me; indeed, you were the planter.


A strategic lesson were you; one God knew would water my soul.

Little did I know at the time; but getting over myself was the goal.


One day by “chance” when our paths did cross I said, “I’ll see you soon.”

Surely we’d meet again by chance, at least by the next blue moon.


“I’m gonna hold you to it!” in typical fashion you sweetly ranted back.

But alas, I took our time for granted; God’s gain, but surely our lack.


Unbeknownst to me, last words had been shared; a second meeting never to be.

But that’s not due to any fault of your own. No, no. That was all me.


I’m still a work in progress but one thing I surely know,

God used you to till my soil; you helped water me to grow.


You remind me that we all have a part to play; and no role is ever too small.

God will use me when He deems me ready one day; it’s up to me to answer the call.


So, as I continue along this path I will marvel and rejoice in this knowing;

That when the time comes I will see you again and we’ll surely be joyful and glowing!

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