Ever watch a video back of yourself and realize you’re an ugly crier? (My amazing “cameo” can be seen at 1:42:50)

Ah hem . . . but seriously, this is a great ministry. I am grateful for this word from the Lord given to me on the eve of April 9th, Easter Sunday. What Pastor John said was spot on. I have been praying about this for quite some time along with prayer I received from a dear friend whilst fellowshipping in her living room.

This is a reminder and confirmation to me that God does indeed hear my prayers and knows what I need. I look forward to my life finally moving forward and seeing what kind of direction it takes as I continue to seek God and am led by the Holy Spirit.

I had lovely fellowship with two ladies following this meeting, but unfortunately we got cut off due to time restraints with Zoom Video. We did, however, correspond a few times via email. Perhaps I will talk about that and the conclusions I have arrived to since that last email communication (HINT: it has to do with speaking in tongues . . . sigh).

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