The face I see looking back at me in the mirror doesn’t match the kid I still feel I am on the inside. I’m 45 (as of 7/2020) and I’ve yet to master this ‘adulting’ thing. That’s why I named this blog what I did, although, lately I have been feeling like I’m losing that sense of child-likeness. Perhaps I’m beginning to accept this thing called aging. Sigh.

this girl called mindy was initially about working through my struggles with major depression. My hope was that, by baring my soul to the world, my vulnerability might also help someone else . . . It has since turned into more than that. Depression is no longer a main focus.  The Lord healed me of depression in April of 2016, but I still have other issues (don’t we all?). Depression isn’t just one thing wrapped in a neat little package; it cannot be defined with only one word such as sadness. But Jesus definitely lifted something off of me that day; He set me free of an extremely heavy oppression I had been carrying for many, many years.

I do still feel like there is more the Lord needs to set me free of…there are still some things that linger, but I look forward to all those strongholds being broken in God’s amazing timing. I’ve written all about the struggles and confusion I experienced following my healing, but four years later I can confidently affirm that I am healed.  . . . The enemy loves to attack us and cause confusion whenever we progress in the kingdom because he doesn’t want us to be secure in our new-found freedom. For when we are confident in who we are in Christ we become a major obstacle to evil.

I’ve never grown more than I have over these last four years of my life, but I still have a whole lot more learning and growing to do . . . MAY I NEVER STOP! Jesus can intervene anytime He wants to help us on our journey, but we still have the responsibility of doing our part. And how awesome is that? The Lord wants us to work in partnership with Him!

Okay, so back to talking about this blog . . .

this girl called mindy is about helping myself to just  LET.  IT.  OUT!  And then hopefully I will be able to let it go.

And finally, this girl called mindy is about me just expressing myself the way I want, how I want, when I want.

This blog is my outlet.

…..also……These posts I write are a great way to reflect on how much I’ve grown and continue to grow in my faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. It’s messy but Jesus never said it would be easy.

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  1. Juni Desireé says:

    Love this, love your sharing and your honesty. So good and so helpful!

  2. Ziona says:

    I’m thrilled that God delivered you from Depression this past April–glory to God! And I hope it never returns–but if it does just keep clinging to Him, and don’t listen to the enemy’s lies that somehow you’ve messed up somewhere. I say this not to discourage you, but because I experienced deliverance/healing from my own depression in 2011–only to have things gradually fall apart. I realize I’ve never met you, and that our situations (and depressions) might not have anything in common at all–but I just don’t want you to struggle as I did for awhile, trying to search my heart for “blame”. Sometimes things just happen–we are complicated humans, our brains can only be understood fully by God Himself. I hope you’re hearing the love and compassion in my words, as I offer it sincerely. Currently I’m doing better–but it’s an up and down ride or “faith walk” for me. So the one thing I hang onto is JESUS, His Great LOVE for me–and I just keep walking in His Grace till I rise again with Hope and JOY. God bless you SO Abundantly with His Favor!

    • Yes, I’ve already experienced some down time but I found that when I opened up about it to the ladies in my bible study I left that meeting uplifted once again. It’s when I isolate and keep things inside that I do the worst. Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate it immensely! And it’s always good to hear from a fellow believer who is older and wiser.

      • Ziona says:

        You’re most welcome. And most blessed to have those ladies! I wish I’d had that support when I was struggling. It’s true that isolating can be the enemy’s quickest weapon to bring us down…for some of us, the solitary life has been ordained as a gift–either way, God has promised to meet us in our place of need. He’s only a heartbeat away 🙂 Bless you, little sister 🙂

  3. “These posts I write are a great way to reflect on how much I’ve grown and continue to grow in my faith as a true Christian. It’s messy but Jesus never said it would be easy.”

    So true, Mindy. I post about my growing Faith on my blog, too – “Faith for Hope” tab. Look forward to reading more of your posts.


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